Friday, August 24, 2007

Help save the Greece Cats!!!!

I went to Greece the first time in 1997. If you look into my blog you will see that I really like cats.

About 10 years ago Greece’s Islands and Athens were full of cats. I went there and had so much fun, and I thought that Greek people are so cool, because they all like cats. All of them had 5 or sometimes 10 cats! That country was the cat’s paradise, and mine, also . I went to to Greece this year (2007). I was so disappointed; in Athens I didn’t even see a single cat, just dogs, all abandoned. I also like dogs, but that was too much, everyone has a huge dog at his door, and that leaves no room for cats, I was so sad and disappointed at the same time. My memories were dead, now Athens is the capital of massive dogs.

In the islands I hoped the scenario was different; but to my big disappointment, the scenario was almost the same. The dogs hurt the cats, and they eat the cat’s food, because they were all homeless. Cat’s eventually are going to disappear from Greece streets. Now the old calendars and the cups that said “Greece Cats”, were rare, just like the cats. I have several pictures here, in my blog, but I passed days looking for the cats, to take these pictures.

I hope that if you read this, you will defend the cat’s rights all over the world, but especially in Greece. No one wants to go to Greece and look to huge dogs biting themselves all over, in the gardens and in the streets.

Please write a message, on a message board of the first minister of Greece, asking him to declare the cat a national tourist interest.

Be happy and… purrrrrrry!

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